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Holiday Review: Our Farm Holiday in Italy

An honest holiday review from a single mum.

I knew that I wanted a holiday that would give me a break and with 3 growing girls all with different ideas, I tentatively booked my single parent holiday in Italy. As a single parent, holidays have been a difficult issue and it was important that ‘mum’ had a rest too. After the stresses and strains of airline travel and all that goes with that, we were met with an unassuming welcome and gentle charm from Single Parents on Holiday’s owner Sandra and staff from the resort. I had a good feeling about this week! The first thing that was obvious was the variety of food and drink served up with pride by the chefs, to us and the children. Also the accommodation was clean, spacious and cool compared to the hot sun outside. It was great to have other adults to talk to immediately, the other parents and I relaxed in no time and enjoyed tasting the wine and other delicacies made on the premises. The daily activities were varied, and something we could take part in. From the berry-picking to jam-making, and butter-making to pasta-making, the children took pride in what they concocted. There was always fun and laughter in the recipe thanks to Donatello, Nina and Sandra, and other staff. That gave us time in the middle of the day for a swim, sunbathe and free time. My children mostly sheltered from the hot midday sun, whilst I basked in it!

The day-trip to Venice, for my 3 girls, was the most thrilling part of the week. From the smooth train journey there and back, to the first sight of an ancient city ruin on the waterways, it will go down in our memories. Carla even has the pictures of Venice imprinted on a t-shirt. Nice!

I hope our holiday feedback will give other single parents an insight into just how well we were looked after by Single Parents on Holiday, and how we look forward to our next adventure.

Kaye, Carla (14), Skye (13) and Betsy (10)

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